Carrot cake

a combination of  carrots, raisins and walnuts

Chocolate cake

our famous chocolate cake so moist covered in our butter chocolate frosting, is a perfect birthday cake

Marble cake

half chocolate, half vanilla swirl in two layers with chocolate and vanilla frosting

Red Velvet cake

sponge cake in a red version with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Lacta cake

fluffy chocolate cake with LACTA chocolate frosting

Vanilla cake

classic vanilla layer cake with cream cheese frosting

Orange cake

made daily from freshly squeezed oranges, with a yummy orange zest and cream cheese frosting

Lemon cake

made daily from fresh squeezed lemons, with a yummy lemon zest frostingand cream cheese frosting

Salted Caramel cake

a mouth watering balance of tastes, layer cake with an amazing salted-caramel frosting

Apple Cinnamon cake

apple layer cake with a cinnamon frosting

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NY Cheesecake

our baked Cheesecake made with cream cheese, digestive cookies and sour cherry topping

Chocolate Cheesecake

our baked Cheesecake made with cream cheese and chocolate on a crunchy digestive cookie mix

Maggie’s Cheesecake

cream cheese & fresh cream, no eggs... a lighter version of our classic cheesecake with a more lemony twist; also available with red berry sauce!

Strawberry Stevia Cheesecake

cream cheese, strawberry, yoghurt, cinnamon and stevia

Cookie Cheesecake

cream cheese & fresh cream, no eggs filled with yummy cookies!


Apple pie

green apples baked in hand made pastry, not too sweet

Chocolate Fudge

after many attempts this perfect recipe is mostly fudge all the way through... simply irresistible to chocoholics

Krissy's Banoffee

banana with cream, on toffee & cookies

Hedge Hog

walnuts, cookies all frizzled in butter all trapped in dark chocolate

Classic Brownie

our version of a delicious brownie square


with fresh lime juice, brown sugar, whipped cream yoghurt and lime zest. An amazing light taste!


the Greek version of a pecan pie, with Greek walnuts and brown sugar

Pumpkin Pie

straight from Grandma's Kitchen! Our authentic pumpkin pie recipe (from Thanksgiving up until the New Year)


Chocolate, Lacta, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Orange, Lemon, Salted Caramel, Carrot 

famous individual little cakes in 10 flavors, perfect for kids especially when topped with colored frosting and sprinkles!
In XL size also!


Lemon cake

made daily from squeezed lemons and a sprinkle of poppy seeds

Chocolate cake

a classic chocolate cake... a result worth trying!

Carrot cake

a combination of carrots, raisins and walnuts

Marble cake

made of half chocolate half vanilla swirl!

Orange cake

made daily from fresh squeezed oranges, a very good "morning cake"!

Orange Chocolate cake

same as above... in addition with real chocolate!

Vanilla cake

the most classic of cakes; baked with the freshest ingredients and a mouthful  taste of vanilla!

Lemon cake with stevia

made daily from fresh squeezed lemons,  stevia and no sugar

Orange cake with stevia

made daily from fresh squeezed oranges,  stevia and no sugar


Pies & Quiche

Various tastes of quiche and pies: Lorraine, pumpkin, mixed vegetable, broccoli, tomato & feta

Soup of the Day

Tastes vary every day (available during the winter months)

During Christmas, Easter & Thanksgiving, we create special recipes for special events…